It’s simple, you will not find another dedicated platform which gathers European leaders in back office operations and IT in Europe – ETOT is a recognised day in the calendar which has garnered a sizable and reputable following over the last 9 years.

Don’t take our word for it, let our partners tell you themselves in the short video below.

Also, did you know that 75% of our partners have worked with us before? That’s always a good sign for an event

if we do say so ourselves…

'ETOT is all about relevant networking, information and fun! Happy to see you next year!

ETRM Services

It’s so refreshing to have organisers who really care about the vendors and are so personable and fun to work with. A huge credit to the team. 
The conference was outstanding. The quality of the clients were unsurpassed. The true decision makers were there and if they were absent, some very serious influencers. For us, this was the premier event of the year. Nothing even comes close to the 8 other events we have done this year. 
It’s all the little things that also make it excellent.


For more details on partnership opportunities, please do contact us:

Jessica Jonah on,

if you are an energy media, newswire, or publication entity.

Ben Hillary on,

if you are a solution or service provider to the energy trading community.

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