Rise of renewables and tighter regulations – the impact on Endesa Head of Systems

July 15, 2016


Following on from our chat with Endesa’s Head of Back Office on topics like the impact of regulation and inter-departmental comms; we thought we’d go and get the other side of the story with its Head of Energy Systems, Francisco Cantarell Bargueño.


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The energy trading sector has been undergoing deep changes in the past few years, with the rise of renewable energy offers, and the heavy regulatory requirements. In your opinion, what has been the main impact of these changes on the markets?


“The rise of renewable energy, the new regulatory requirements, the drop of demand and price of commodities, the exit of banks from the commodities markets ...   these many things have had a big impact on our market, mainly power and gas, affecting the liquidity, the energy mix and the price formation.”


…On your day-to-day work?


“By far the new regulatory requirements: EMIR, REMIT, now MAR, MIFID II due to the impact on the systems map: new requirements, new applications, new interfaces, new connections and new providers.”


Apart from the regulations, what do you see as the main challenges for your team now? In the next 6 months? In the coming year(s)?


“Maintaining and improving our systems landscape in a scenario of CAPEX and OPEX reduction. The regulators need to be more specific, as there are many questions and clarifications in the industry at this point.”



“The regulators need to be more specific, as there are many questions in the industry at this point.”

Can you tell us a bit more about the session (panel/presentation/case study) you will speak on?


“I will present a real experience of a big company as Endesa in moving all its systems to the cloud. We will see real challenges, real problems, real solutions and real mistakes. It will be very practical and give real insight into the implementation and movement to the cloud. I hope to pass on the lessons that we have learned.”


“…We are moving towards implementing more and more Agile methodology.”

What sort of technical innovation are you and your teams looking into at the moment?


“We have to stabilize our systems in the Cloud; we are re-writing old legacy systems in newer technology (.net, web based); in terms of project management we are moving towards implementing more and more Agile methodology.”


How would you qualify your relationship with the business teams? Are there any ongoing projects to enhance communications across these departments?


“Maintaining good and fluent relationships across departments is paramount to the efficiency and effectiveness of our IT projects.”


“I would say that in our case this is between good and excellent. For some years we have seen the success of holding monthly systems committees for specific areas with all the stakeholders involved (users, managers, it dept., providers) and this has been crucial, if not you can experience misunderstanding which leads to wrong development plans.”


What do you think?


Are you also finding it a challenge to cope with regulatory pressures? Are you also undertaking systems upgrade projects?


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