Using data analytics to make intelligence business decisions with BroadPeak

July 25, 2016


Big data has been an industry buzz word these recent years, yet we can’t deny it any longer. We are amidst a data revolution. The digitized data amassed in recent years has mushroomed, understandably disrupting how organisations manage their procedures internally, and interrupting their interactions externally. The digital information deluge is forcing organisations to try and adapt to new situations, and more importantly, gain a competitive advantage.


However despite most organizations understanding the need for data analytics, they don’t quite know how to truly optimize their data to assist in intelligence business decision-making. BroadPeak ‘s K3, the trading industry’s standard for user-driven analytics and insights will be presenting on Energy Trade Surveillance at this year’s 8th ETOT.


Session(s): Day 2, 6 October 2016, 9:40




Gordon Allott, President & CEO, of BroadPeak will be presenting on Trade surveillance in today’s energy markets. Allott is an energy attorney who has 16 years of experience in the energy and technology markets. He started BroadPeak 10 years ago as an energy consultancy, and then launched a software developing arm in 2011.

 “So much business intelligence is locked up behind out of date architectures. It’s just waiting to be unleashed.”


His presentation will touch on:

  • The business case for trade surveillance

  • Prevention of bad behaviour: Who should be involved?

  • How to actually implement surveillance:

  • Technology needed

  • Managing the data

  • Is automation the answer?










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