Where are the cost savings? Platinion GmbH has the answer.

July 25, 2016



Modern corporate theory mandates the adoption of new technology in order to streamline organizational workflow, and take advantage of the digital data deluge. IT and data management software holds the potential to increase efficiency, and transition to a paperless environment. However, the benefits of technology come hand in hand with the need for continuous updates. This brings about two types of burdens; the upfront costs of technology, as well as hidden admin costs.


Platinion GmbH, a subsidiary of The Boston Consultancy Group will be presenting their expertise on cost cutting measures at this year’s 8th ETOT.


Session(s): Day 1, 5 October 2016, 16:45



Jens Elei, Managing Director, of Platinion GmbH will be presenting on Cross-company cost cutting projects. Elei has over 2 decades of years of experience in the consulting, with a focus on information technology in the energy and commodity industry. He joined Platinion GmbH 12 years ago and is interested in using IT as a driver to close the gap between business and IT.  


His presentation will touch on:

  • Understanding the areas of high costs for the company

  • Technology solutions to ease the burden of these costs

  • Market access systems: Can they be integrated?

  • Outsourcing as a way of reducing cost and focusing on core business

  • Streamlining operational processes










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