Challenge the way you think re: automation!

November 23, 2016


Regulars at ETOT already know that when you are dealing with this particular Axpo-Energy-Operations-Head you need to prepare to be inspired – his sessions impress every year!


This year, he was focusing on a very pertinent area: automation. And he opened with an analogy to get us to really envisage the future.


So what was it?



Yes, that’s right; the future of back office automation is a modern day cock-pit.


We’re sure the parallels are there to see but what’s worth noting is his coined term for the actual function of an ops worker of the future: “exception manger”.


What does this mean? Well, in theory, the “executor of daily tasks” will disappear and instead, the team will be investigators and exception mangers who ensure that the automated processes are not left to tie themselves into paradoxes and logic loops.


Challenge your departmental perceptions!


Isn’t it easier to simply organise people by department?


Of course it is but ladies and gentleman, we’re sorry to say that in some cases, it’s just a short cut to addressing very real companywide obstacles.


Refreshingly, Dr Shaeren, had a few telling statements to really get the audience to reflect:

  • BO employees need to learn the full-extent of possibilities of technology – so this means that they should be heavily involved in the procurement/implementation/design phase from the ground up.

  • Automation is NOT an IT topic! You’re replacing the “executor of daily tasks”, remember, so it’s a job for those, err, executors, primarily.

  • Back Office has to embed IT people + IT people have to do the Back Office tasks – this sounds crazy but was actually an incredibly common theme at ETOT as a whole with at least 4 sessions mentioning the importance of co-location. The question is, who is going to make that call? And when?


Want to know more?


Why not see Dr Schaeren’s presentation in full by downloading them here?


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