Operational excellence – the 4 dimensions on which to balance your goals…

November 24, 2016


We learned many things at ETOT 2016 in October (which you can see in the form of quotes and stats) among them is getting in deep with what makes an efficient ops/IT working dynamic.


RWE’s Lean Expert (which is such a progressive job title that the event chairman mis-corrected it to “lead” expert!), Dirk Daveluy, went into detail on an acronymic “New Way of Working” to enable fundamental transformation.


One of the areas of particular interest was the way he got the audience to look at goals as needing to be balanced across four interlinked dimensions:



This accounts for goals which, surprisingly, are directed at your customer and cover things like proactive relationships with your customers, customer satisfaction and, of course, their expectations.



Your own operations are also something to consider according to Daveluy. Focus areas should be the quality of your services, the effectiveness of your services as well as the efficiency of your services.



This would be no surprise to anyone – to leave finances anywhere but at the fore is asking for trouble. He stresses the importance of 3 things: budget constraints, sales figures and cost savings.



In the current climate, it’s not so easy to see immediate benefit in employee satisfaction, people development, capacity management and/or internal relationships but yet again; Daveluy maintains that it’s at least 25% of the goal!


Like what you see?

Why not get a detailed view of the actual presentation slides here?

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