ETOT can help you connect the Back Office with the IT!

Why are relationships tough? Disclaimer: we will illustrate a point using a variety of stereotypes, but, please, bear with us, it's just for simplification purposes.


ETOT can help you connect the Back Office with the IT! »


Below you will find a brief Aesop-like fable:

The Romance of Amanda and Eric

 (or, The Romance of IT and Back Office)



                                             Amanda                                                Eric

                                                   IT                                                Back Office


Amanda and Eric have been dating for a few months. They seem to have passed over the honeymoon (or blind) period during which they were considering each other perfect. Now, problems have started to come to the surface


Amanda complains that the only thing that Eric knows is 

  • to request

  • not to respect budget constraints

  • and to want everything ASAP 



Eric complains that Amanda

  • plans too much

  • is almost stingy

  • is not spontaneous

The results:

  • Opposite views due to opposite aims

  • Solutions = inadequate or taken for granted

  • Isolation

  • Frustration

  • Lack of efficiency

  • Conflicts

  • Two teams far from each other

They have also moved house recently (new environment), and their flat is located next to Amanda's ex (new constraints/regulation in process)















Nevertheless, Amanda and Eric are willing to fight for their relationship, partly because they are bored of going back to Tinder



Therefore, they have started trying new things, such as, well, not just talking, but actually communicating with one another

They try to understand each other's viewpoints, even though they have to compromise sometimes


Now that they have re-considered their relationship, they have started to re-like each other, to the point where they are even considering getting married, (having babies, and all this)

ETOT can help you connect the Back Office with the IT!


Request more information here and we will send you for FREE the Power Point presentation "Enhancing the Relationship Between BO and IT" given by Elena Cretti and Matteo Foscolo (respectively, Back Office Manager and IT manager at Edison) from ETOT 2016 (or, Amanda's and Eric's romance)


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