Digitalization of Trading - Implications for Back Office and IT

August 9, 2018




Digitization, digitilization and digital transformation is all energy trading experts talk about these days, but it is challenging to completely revolutionise the way we work. Unlike the financial sector that has been using artificial intelligence, for example, for years to exploit data and turn them into a competitive edge, the energy and commodity trading sector is only just touching on these topics of recent. 


We had the pleasure to welcome on stage at our last ETOT forum, Peter Löffler, Managing Director and Thomas Körfer, Manager at BCG Platinion who discussed the"Digititalization of trading and its implications for back office and IT", and they thoroughly went through the ways the new technologies are and how it will influence businesses. For access to their presentation, please click on the SlideShare link at the bottom of this post.

Four key technologies are in focus of the disruption affecting the energy trading business: big data technology, blockchain, AI, and robotics. 

As these topics continue to make headlines, they will be a substantial part of the ETOT programme this October in London, with discussions on RPAs implementation, blockchain current and upcoming projects, data lake strategy and artificial intelligence use examples in energy trading. 



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