Talking Operational Excellence with Head of Back Office at Endesa

August 16, 2018



Technology in energy trading is currently under the spotlight and it seems we sometimes forget to talk about why we need these disruptive technologies and technical progress, especially who needs it the most - the back office


Antonio Sevilla, Head of Back Office at Endesa is here to remind us of what pushes technology and systems to go further in this one-on-one interview he had with us ahead of his participation in the 10th ETOT Summit this October - He describes the back office struggles with cost-cutting and headcount reduction, and explains how the skills of this core department is changing over the years:

Your presentation will be touching on back office internal organisation and agility matters. How important is it to get it right, compared to getting the actual processes right?


Due to the increased regulatory requirements, our processes have grown in complexity and volume of information managed. The back office can't keep increasing it's staff, in fact it's common to be involved in cost-cutting initiatives. The answer is to get the most from your current staff, developing their skills and using flexibility tools (like AGILE) for a better use of their working time. 

The role of the back office has changed a lot over the years, with the team taking on the regulatory burden. We also see the increasing importance of data in all parts of the business. How do you adapt to this and make sure your team has the right skillset for the job?


Automation has obliged us to have a better knowledge of systems. An efficient system's map includes the optimisation of data bases and interfaces. When developing the automation skills of your team, a natural step further is to develop information management skills. Currently there is a strong demand for developing big Data projects and this matches with the Back Office goals of centralising information in order to simplify processes and being more efficient. 

You've been loyal to ETOT for many years, What made you come back?


ETOT is an exceptional forum for the Back Office professionals because it combines the technical and operational points of view. Presentations allow you to know the state of the art in the business and networking with colleagues helps to share ideas. After the conference, I arrive to my office with many ideas on how to improve my daily work. 

Antonio will present on Endesa's ongoing continuous improvement project, in the context of regulatory pressure during the 10th edition of ETOT, taking place on 10-11 October at the Central Hall Westminster in London. You can find more information here


If you wish to have a look at Antonio's presentation at the last ETOT series (2017), please click here


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