Common leadership team for operations & IT functions? (Part 3/3 of Magesh Nair's interview)

August 22, 2018


Some commodity companies have made the choice of common leadership for their operations and IT functions. It is the case for Castleton Commodities International, where Magesh Nair heads the two key departments. Magesh took a moment to explain this organisational decision.

Magesh, being on both sides of the fence (IT and Operations), how does communication between the two departments look like at CCI? Any tips to our readers?


Seven years ago my role expanded from a pure CIO role to a global COO role.  I saw the benefit of technology and operations collaborating together very well under one common leadership team.


Looking forward, traditional industries are getting disrupted by tech giants at a pace not many anticipated. This is going to accelerate, not slow down. Having said that, the time to think of every company as a technology company is already here. So to think of two functions like IT and Operations within a company to be under one leadership team clearly made sense a long time ago.

To hear more about this topic, and how it will be covered at ETOT, visit the website here.


To read the rest of Magesh’ interview, click here (Part 1) (Part 2)


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