RPA and how it's being implemented at CCI (Part 1/3 of Magesh Nair's interview)

August 22, 2018


Nothing new under the sun – RPA has been around for quite some time. However, with the pressure for more cost cutting in the back office, and this technology becoming cheaper and more user friendly, we see a boom in its use in energy trading.


Magesh Nair and Zoe Hall, respectively Executive VP - Global Chief Operating Officer and Chief Information Officer, and VP - Team Lead for Process Automation, will share with ETOT’s audience their journey with RPA. Ahead of the session, Magesh has given us a few pointers in a one-on-one interview we had with him: 

During ETOT, your session will focus on RPA and how it’s being implemented at CCI. Could you please give us a sneak peek and tell us about the challenges you’ve encountered in the process?


Because of major IT investments we did in the last decade, we have successfully implemented institutional grade processes and systems within CCI. We continue to enhance these investments of the past and present, helped us scale up into an efficient and effective global commodity merchant. A year ago, we started with a vision of ‘self-serve RPA and citizen data scientist’related initiatives within CCI. 


We see our initial rollout of RPA as a technology that will act as the glue that brings automation on top of heterogeneous applications and data sources. A typical mid or back office professional today works with an internal trade capture system, an accounting / ERP system, probably an external website of a pipeline company and also has a spreadsheet open. That workflow across apps needs a higher level automation that is least intrusive and yet versatile enough to handle changes to underlying software and services; RPA helps us achieve that. 


We also wanted RPA to be complimentary to large IT initiatives by empowering non-technical users to constantly challenge status quo and reengineer business processes first and then drive automation without having to wait for help from IT developers.


Our challenge in the coming months is training enough non-IT staff on the RPA toolset and help them drive more than a thousand RPA use cases to completion. Scaling up the RPA talent pool that “gets it” and act as influencers of their peers is the foundation of an agile entrepreneurial culture we promote within CCI. We are actively working on this challenge now. 

Want to hear more on RPA? Make sure you register to attend ETOT here


To read Magesh’ full interview, click here: (Part 2), (Part 3)


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